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    Harry's Justice - Kindle/eBook

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    Harry's Revenge - Kindle/eBook

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    Harry's Justice (book 1) (paperback)

    Harry's Justice (book 1) (paperback)

    Harry Windsor used to be a gangland enforcer, now he’s an ex-convict struggling to go straight.

    Following a chance meeting with a man whose daughter has gone missing and an offer of payment to find her, Harry begins a search. That search draws him back into London’s criminal underworld and into conflict with Russian organized crime and his former crime boss, as well as being arrested for murder.

    Harry’s search becomes a journey of survival, retribution and justice, dark secrets and exorcising the demons of his past - but how will his journey end?

    (contains some violence)
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    Harry's Revenge (book 2) (paperback)

    Harry's Revenge (book 2) (paperback)

    Harry Windsor - ex-London gangland enforcer and ex-convict - is now trying to lead a normal life by doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

    But Harry is anything but normal, he’s a complex man with a troubled past and while he doesn’t look for trouble, it finds him. So when a close friend is brutally murdered by a group of ex-soldiers seeking revenge for being jailed, his life also becomes one of revenge.

    But the soldiers are well trained and well-armed, it's their battlefield skills against Harry’s streetwise savvy. Will a war of revenge break out? And if so, who will win?

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    Andy Wiseman is an indie author, born and raised in Lincolnshire, in the UK.


    Employment began at sixteen years old in construction, and which eventually took him to London. When construction work was scarce, he also worked other jobs; hotel breakfast cook being one, agency temp, another. Though the temping was low paid, it was one of the most enjoyable work experiences he’s ever had, and the variety of jobs extensive: hospital porter, handyman, multi-drop delivery driver, domestic supervisor and a studio assistant at Abbey Road Studios, to name but a few. For a very brief time, he also trained as an actor.


    Family commitments finally brought him back to Lincolnshire and where he now lives in a small village with his partner, Sue, and their two rescue cats. For a while he worked as a technical officer for a local authority, helping to provide funding and facilities for disabled people, and then part-time as a property inspector for a lettings agency.


    Since a boy, Andy has harboured the desire to be an author, occasionally dabbling, yet never committing to it, maybe due to lack of confidence and/or where he was brought up, because back then, being an author wasn’t considered a “proper job”. In the mid-nineties, he wrote a film script, the first draft of which, Miramax Films said had promise but needed work - it’s been in a box gathering dust ever since. In 2010, he decided that if he was going to be an author, he’d better get on with it because he wasn’t getting any younger, and if life experience was a measure of self-belief and the ability to write, he was probably now qualified. So after six years of writing, rewriting, and learning how to write a book, he finally produced Harry’s Justice, and which has had some great reviews, currently with an average star rating of 4.5 on Amazon and 4.1 on Goodreads.


    Andy is currently promoting his latest book, Harry’s Revenge, the follow-up to Harry’s Justice and which is now available on Amazon or through this website. Harry’s Honour is the third in the series and very much ‘work in progress’!


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