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Earlier today on Sky News, Kay Burley reported on the story of a five-year-old in Utah, America, being pulled over by the police for speeding (this is a true story!). Apparently, the child's mother had refused to buy him a Lamborghini, so he took her car without permission to drive to California and buy one with the three dollars in his pocket. Kay Burley's closing comment was "good for him!"


Now, call me Mr Grumpy-pants, but I felt that comment was a little out of order, if not downright irresponsible when the outcome could have been considerably worse, if not tragic. And because my grumpiness was of such a level - possibly due to lockdown blues, possibly my partner having used all the milk on her cereals, though more likely the discovery of a fresh cat hairball with bare feet only minutes before - I felt compelled to fire off an e-mail to Sky News (my very first to them) asking for confirmation that Kay Burley condones five-year-olds putting a lot of people's lives at risk - a prize of one fresh cat hairball to whoever guesses what response I got!


One hour later the story was repeated. This time, Kay Burley's closing comment was that he could put his three dollars towards paying his fine and that he was a “little monkey”; no retraction, no apology.


On a lighter note, also earlier today, the BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker asked the question: “what are the TV companies going to do when they run out of new stuff?” (re: lockdown) Well, the BBC will probably do what they've been doing for decades, and that's to show repeats!!


Stay safe and well.